Fall is just around the corner!!!

Posted by Brittney Humphry on

Fall will be here shortly and with it comes decisions, decisions, decisions for this girl and what I want to do storewise in the near future. I operate a brick and mortar retail/consignment shop as well as an online shop website. It's a little overwhelming. Heck I take that back it's ALOT overwhelming some days. Consignment will totally wear a soul out. Some days I love it and some days I despise it. I guess my question for myself is do I love it enough to keep going with the stress that comes with this small town business. Tourism was down this year. Way down. So we will see what the next couple of months brings and what my gypsy soul feels the urge to do next. This free spirit may just roll on to the next adventure or run my shop from the farm. I will be sure to keep everyone updated. May this coming up fall bring everyone lots of bonfires under starry skies, marshmallows in your hot chocolate, and hopefully a long season of cool, crisp evenings!!

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