My first blog post!!

Posted by Brittney Humphry on

Hey everyone!! I hope this post finds you all living well and prospering!

The store is growing and sometimes even overflowing with awesome merchandise! We have been so blessed with great suppliers and amazing consignors. We have reached 30+ consignors and over 2000 items in store. 

We have been working hard this week on a major renovation of the website. Pretty much everything on it has changed! We incorporated a new layout with a different focus. Consignment clothing is being added (albeit slowly) but it's coming. I am creating a new arrivals section as well. Hannah added a Pickup in Store option to the checkout page!! Be sure to check out the changes, watch for updates, and subscribe to the newsletter for new product announcements.

We have four new Entro apparel items shipping today!! Watch for their arrival in store!!

I can't express enough how much I appreciate everyone's support, assistance, and feedback with getting this little shop going!! I love you all!!!

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