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I hope this post finds you all living large and in charge!!!

I wanted to tell everyone something exciting we were blessed with the opportunity to share in last Thursday. Our local doll Miss Ramsey participated in the Miss Arkansas pageant as a princess to contestant Miss Arkansas River Raegan Grubbs!! She was absolutely adorable. We love Ramsey!! She is a major contributor here at the store and we enjoy every second we get to spend with her. We are so happy for you Rams!!!!!

Things have really picked up here. Last week was wonderful with lots of interesting tourists and locals in the shop. We had a ball!! We also had a little scandal. A huge lot of clothing one of our new consignors dropped off was stolen from the front of the store! Thanks to the Murfreesboro City Police we were able to get almost all of it back. But seriously how bold was that on Courthouse Square to load up 3 bins and 3 large black bags!!! Total shock!

On a brighter note thanks to this new consignor and a couple others we have A LOT of new inventory to get out. So look for new arrivals this week. Be sure to stop by the store and see what we are up to. Please be sure to rate, review, and share!! Peace out girl scout!!!

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